I Don’t Want A Sheep!

I Don’t Want A Sheep!

‘When does it get easier?’ he asked.


‘I’d say, for me, as soon as I hit 30 – as if a lightning bolt struck,’ she said.


‘You mean I’ve got that long to wait before I start feeling better?’


‘It’s not that long,’ she said and smiled.


‘I didn’t mean it like that.’ He laughed. ‘I wish there was something someone could do for me now.’


‘Don’t the drugs help?’


‘I’ve stopped taking them because no matter what they gave me nothing worked – and I’ve been to at least 7 different psychiatrists who end up more fucked than me when they move me on to the next and the cycle repeats itself. Pieces of shit! At least it’s fun outsmarting them.’


‘And doing yourself a disservice at the same time…’


‘I suppose, but it was more like pointing out the lack in their ability.’


‘So, you had something to prove.’


‘Well, they didn’t do their job – I fucked up the system.’


‘You didn’t allow them to do their job. Clearly, you didn’t need them; fix yourself – isn’t that the challenge?’


‘That’s definitely the challenge, indeed! God damn! How can anyone understand me when I’m not even close to understanding myself?’


‘That’ll all change.’


‘When I hit 30…’


‘Does your girlfriend get you?’


‘In a way. I’ve put her through hell – I’ve put most of them through hell, and I’ve been through many.’


She asked how long he’s been with the current girl. He said 2 years. ‘That’s surprising,’ she said.


‘Why?’ he asked.


‘You beat me.’


‘By how many months?’




‘Wow! Why so short? Just haven’t found the right one?’


‘Something like that…’ she said.


‘In actual fact, let’s be honest, men are stupid and pathetic – well, most of them,’ he said.


‘I just don’t want a sheep.’


‘Sheep are good for one thing and that’s eating them.’


‘Not if you’re a non-meat eater.’


‘Well, then you’re truly fucked!’

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