Fortune Favours The Brave…

Fortune Favours The Brave…

“Have you seduced him?” he asks the woman sitting opposite him.


“No!” she replies.


“Why not?”


“He’s not my type. Why, should I? Oh and he’s married.”


“How many times do I have to tell you that a piece of paper means nothing these days?”


“It means a lot to me. So, if I had to seduce him would I benefit?”


“You’re a fast learner! No – there’s nothing for you to gain.”


“So, then why would I?”


“You may find the man irresistible and simply cannot keep your grubby mitts off him, but you’ve already told me that you don’t find him attractive…”


“I should seduce you – that would make more sense.”


“I’m impenetrable; so, impossible,” he says.


“Nothing’s impossible – I love challenges.”


“I’ve just taught you the most valuable lesson relating to how stupid men are,” he says. “And, yes, you are to use what you’ve got, but if I’m telling you all of this then it won’t work on me.”


“If you say so. Besides you have a reputation to uphold…”


“My reputation is formidable,” he says.


“So formidable you miss out on all the excitement happening around you!”


He laughs. “Makes for a formidable challenge, not at all for the fainthearted.”


Exactly!” she exclaims and then chuckles. “Life spits out the fainthearted, there is but no room for such weaklings…”


“Fortune favours the brave.”


“The brave desires fortune,” she says and then stops herself from adding: are you truly impenetrable? Let’s be honest…


Is any man out there impenetrable? I’ve never met one; however, I’ve never let all the men I’d fallen in love with know how I’d felt. Actually, there’s only been one that I’ve kept such a secret from and don’t know if I am brave enough to reveal it ever. Well then perhaps I need to take heed of Fortune Favours The Brave…



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