Stalker zapped

Stalker zapped

Finally, I succeeded at getting rid of my WhatsApp/email stalker that I met at Toastmasters a few months back.


The first time I’d met him I didn’t think much of the experience, except that I was sad the Westville Toastmasters came to an end that night – my first experience of Toastmasters and the last at the Westville club.


Stalker emailed me, actually emailed all that attended the last evening and invited us to join his club. I thanked him and said that I was going to try the club closer to where I lived.


A month or so later, they attempted reviving the Westville club but at a different venue. This is when we next met, and he turned WhatsApp/email stalker.


First, Stalker let me know how amazing it was seeing me again and that there was no chance of the Westville club being revived. Second, he again invited me to his club. I thought nothing of it and took a friend I’d met at my second Toastmasters evening who had previously considered joining the club too.


That evening, my third experience at a Toastmasters evening, Stalker claimed us immediately and introduced us as his guests. He wanted to pay for my drinks, my food and the total cost of the evening. I refused. I told him I earned my own money and can pay my way, thank you. Please, I’d love to treat you, he persisted. I bestowed upon him a look of filth and turned my attention to the chap sitting opposite me.


The next day, Stalker text me at least 5 times and this went on for just over a week, every day and evening: a good morning wish, safe trip in to work because of the protestors burning tyres along the N2, a break-in or two in my neighbourhood – which was nowhere near his neighbourhood, have a great lunch, what are your plans for the evening, hope you’re able to relax this evening…and so it went on and on and on…


Eventually, the final straw presented itself in the form of a religious “good morning” message.


The text within the image read something along such lines: “Good morning! I wish you a day filled with God’s blessings. May it be a blessed one.” I forget the exact words – too easily done when it bears no interest in my life.


Stalker had mentioned his church before and all he did to help. I’d never said a word about it, brushed it off like I would a dead mosquito from my shoulder, as I’d done with most of his comments. And then the religious message arrived mentioning that infamous word. Suddenly and “miraculously” I knew what to do, precisely how to finally get rid of Stalker. Of course, I told him I had a boyfriend when he invited me to do some big walk with him on Saturday, but this did not deter him. His determination, I can admit, deserves a Noddy badge of sorts.


In the end, I replied with the following: “What if God does not exist?”


He replied: “I was only wishing you a happy morning!”


That was it.




At least a week has passed me by and not a single peep from Stalker.

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