What Is Love?

What Is Love?

Imagine being so angry at the world that you do not share your writing with anyone? You refuse to publish your work believing it is the only way of getting back at them, at the world you hate.


And the reason you hate the world is because after thousands of years of civilisation you firmly believe that they still haven’t learned to love!


Do we live in a world filled with love? Is love all around us? Everyone, I am sure, will have a different answer.


What is love? What does love mean to you?


The first two definitions of love from the Oxford dictionary:


  1. a strong feeling of affection: babies fill parents with intense feelings of love
  2. a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone: they were both in love with her; we were slowly falling in love


Isn’t “in love” and “love” two different things? The first, more about physical attraction when falling for someone and the second, deeper feelings of affection and looking past imperfections…


Surely the Oxford dictionary could get it right!


Have you ever wondered why anyone in the throes of a forbidden affair would risk everything for the sake of what may seem like, to most others, a foolish crush?


It has been said that the frontal cortex, vital to judgment, shuts down when one falls in love.


Is it perhaps fair to conclude that when one is in love one has taken a leave of their senses?


I’ve read that brain scans have also shown the area of the brain that controls fear, and another region involved in negative emotions, close down, explaining why people feel so happy with the world – and unafraid of what might go wrong – when they fall head over heels in love.


And that the brain chemical dopamine is at higher levels when in love – a chemical that is key to experiences of pleasure and pain, linked to desire, addiction, ecstasy, and a surge may cause such acute feelings of reward that it makes love or being in love hard to give up.


Isn’t love the grandest feeling to ever experience? What else is there that is more euphoric than what love bestows upon thy soul in natural form? Only when it happens to you will you understand how everything suddenly feels rational despite what others tell you, or how they believe you should be orchestrating your life.


When the fire inside, that had only ever been smouldering, but always there, alive, ready to ignite but doesn’t because something is missing – what that something is you never know until it hits you; until it causes the fire within you to burn and release emotions never before felt. How can that be anything other than love? A pure unconditional love that transports you to places in your heart, mind, and soul that used to be out of bounds… but suddenly feels so biological that it is the only thing to do that makes complete sense in life.

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