Why Lie?

Why Lie?

Al turned to face her, looked her directly in the eye and said, ‘When did you end things with him?’


‘I’ve already told you,’ she said, not meeting his gaze, looking down at her plate of food, wishing she was grilling the halloumi cheese in some far away kitchen.


‘Why aren’t you telling me the truth?’


‘I don’t know what makes you think I am not,’ she said. ‘We’ve been through this before.’


‘And that’s why I believe we need to go through it all again, so that you can tell me everything that happened and when it all happened and then I may put it to rest.’


‘I told you.’


‘OK; so, you ended it when again? It wasn’t a few weeks ago if you’d seen him that Friday night just before we went away, right?’


‘We went out as friends, his daughters were with us.’


‘So, you’d told him already that it was over.’


She picked up a French fry, looked at it before putting inside her mouth. ‘Sort of.’


‘That’s not an answer. Surely you can’t blame me for acting suspiciously. You only told him after we’d been away together, didn’t you? You were hedging your bets, just in case we failed at getting along whilst spending long periods of time together.’


‘It wasn’t like that!’


‘Tell me!’


‘Fine! Yes. I told him that Sunday after we got back.’


‘So you lied to me! twice in fact.’


‘I did.’ She looked him straight in the eye. ‘I am sorry, but I didn’t expect to have feelings for both of you at the same time.’


‘But why lie to me, even after you made your choice?’


‘I didn’t want to disappoint you.’


‘Don’t you think this is the worst disappointment?’


What could she say? It felt as though she’d ruined the best thing that’s happened to her in a while. Someone who simply gets her; someone who aches to her mind and all that fuels her passions without her having to prompt.


He smiled at her and pulled her close to him. ‘There’s no doubt from my side – I want you in my life. I can now move on and never ask you about him again. A weight’s been lifted. I did think about walking away because you started us off based on a lie, which is never good, of course. But I couldn’t entertain the idea of you not being in my life for longer than a breath.’


He pulled out his iPhone from his shorts pocket. ‘I wrote this straight after the fleeting thought of never seeing you again popped into my mind. I didn’t send it to you because I didn’t want to scare you off.’


‘“You’ve been on my mind during the early hours of this morning again; in fact, you have become a favourite memory when I’ve been alone in my bed these last few weeks. Considering we’ve only known each other a few days more than four weeks, I am surprised how much I am hoping you will become a far greater contributor to my experiences, a co-creator of shared memories, a shareholder in my life.


“You are better each new day I spend with you, and I wonder how I will find you in months from now if what I feel continues along this trajectory… When I’m with you I wish time would stop so I can get lost in forever looking into your eyes, and immerse all my other senses into your beauty. I only have one life and am halfway through it. The first half taught me what to value in relationships and how to nurture it. I am looking forward to spending at least some of the remaining half with you, putting the experience into practice, perfecting it, and making you feel like the most cherished and loved person on Earth.


“Just a few feelings and thoughts I felt like sharing. I hope they didn’t scare you.”’


She reached over and hugged him and apologised again and again, thinking how on earth does she deserve someone as incredible as him!

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