Early Wisdom

Early Wisdom

The boy’s father rejected him at 9 years old. ‘You’re no good,’ he’d said 42 years ago. ‘A failure and I’m not sticking around to bail you out of trouble. Goodbye and good riddance.’


The child knew differently and refused to let such heart-shattering words bring him down. Suddenly he had something to prove.


Why didn’t he turn to alcohol, drugs or use the feel-sorry-for-myself syndrome and use his dysfunctional family as an excuse, like so many others with similar experiences do?


This child made a choice, to make something of his life. Now, he believed his father did him a huge favour because of where he is today – running a successful business, over 2000 staff strong.


What did this boy have, at 9 years old, to make that decision when most would end up turning out a ‘failure’ just as the father had said.


I know someone close to me who didn’t get great support from his father if any at all and yet uses this as an excuse for not being a better man. The saddest thing of all is he so desperately needs to be a better man.


Isn’t a point reached when enough is enough?! When you realise that chip on the shoulder is only a weighty hindrance, surely then you’d be forced to improve your life and stop placing blame? It must eventually get stale in your brain. Perhaps it is a crutch, to be used to feel better when things go wrong – it is never their fault.


It must be that classic, “You’ve either got it or you don’t.”


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