WANTED: Office Flirt!

WANTED: Office Flirt!

All afternoon and evening I’d been “summer” cleaning my home, something I do this time every year, and came across a few love letters and old emails.


Isn’t it amazing how the memory can still picture something so clearly, as if it took place earlier today?


6th November, 2004


I sat at my desk, typing a document for my boss. I faced the door and usually got distracted as soon as someone entered. This time the document consumed me completely, a rather rare occasion, and for once I didn’t automatically look up when I heard familiar voices. This changed the moment the stranger spoke; his voice snapped me from my concentration.


The man with the voice, a deep, smooth Scottish accent, towered above my colleagues. He had his back to me. I noticed how his immaculate pinstripe suit jacket fitted perfectly over his broad shoulders.


I couldn’t remove my gaze from his form. He spun round and looked straight at me. I held in a gasp and almost choked in the process, letting out a rough cough. I thought I must have been seeing things.


This man, the voice, looked the spitting image of that very famous Sir Sean Connery when he played James Bond. I’d always thought Connery as Bond was the best looking man ever created on this planet. And there his twin brother stood before my very eyes.


He excused himself from my colleagues, all still huddled at the front of the office, approached me with a warm smile, stood before me, held out his hand and introduced himself as Steve. I took his offering and somehow remembered my name to return the introduction. He explained he was the health and safety director of north England, and added: ‘I hardly venture down to London, but perhaps I should change my habits.’


Did I hear correctly? Was this sizzling stranger flirting with me? Damn how I prayed I didn’t have it all wrong.


I couldn’t think straight for the rest of the day and the rest of the following day upon his return. Whenever I went to the coffee machine he always appeared. He always offered to get me a drink or a snack every time he came down for a visit. Most of the time he brought me my favourite chocolate, and made a point of finding out things about me. What this did to me, I will never forget. Of course I found the opportunity to mention how his looks resembled Connery. He said someone’s mentioned it to him before in passing. Liar, I thought; I bet hundreds of women do this…but I didn’t care. It didn’t happen often that I found a complete stranger drop dead gorgeous and couldn’t think straight because of him, and I planned to relish every second.


He needed me to help him with some work, and after I’d sent through the document he responded: “Thank you; I may have to invite you out to dinner for all your hard work. Would that be appropriate?”


My reply: You are more than welcome; if inviting me out to dinner is work related, hence thanking me for all my hard work, then I cannot see it being at all inappropriate.


Steve: But then…if it wasn’t work related…?


Me: Then I’d have to wonder…what kind of “007” game are you playing…


Steve: I wouldn’t want to be anything other than a gentleman, of course, which is something of a dilemma – to ask may be considered un-gentlemanly.


Me: Oh but Steve, you have already asked. Does that now change your gentlemanly status?


Steve: Must be my age – forgetful! Of course my status remains the same, tainted (only slightly) by a little boyishness.


The rest of the flirting was done in person over the dinner table at an upmarket Polish restaurant and bar at Southwark, London…

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