Magical Morning

Magical Morning

I’d set my alarm for 5am, but woke at 4.30am. A dull light outside made me wonder if the sun would reveal itself, despite it forecasted to be 30 degrees C today.


I threw on my running gear and was in my car, on the way to the beach, by 5am. At I turned right from the bridge on to the slip way, just before the M13 freeway I almost crashed in to the balustrade.


The sight before my eyes literally made me gasp. I had to pull over to appreciate the magnificence blinding me. Fortunately, the roads were quiet and I didn’t cause any mayhem.


I noticed a couple of cars pull over on the M13, perhaps for the same reason. I tried to capture it on my BlackBerry’s camera but it didn’t do it justice. I was so close to turning round to fetch my DSLR camera, but knew the magic wouldn’t last that long.


The biggest ball in the sky glowed red hot, burning through the mist; the trees below the sun in silhouette, also coated in mist.


Such beauty, such perfection caused gooseflesh all over my body.


It instantly reminded me of Chang Mai, Thailand. We’d spent the night in the jungle after walking for a whole day. First thing next morning, we rose early to make the hike back and there before our eyes the sun was rising, burning through the mist that coated the layered jungle.


At the beach, I ran (with my trainers) in the soft sand, which took it out of me – I didn’t want to overdo it as I was just starting to get back in to running again – so I alternated between running in the soft sand and over the more firm, wet sand right at the shoreline. I ended up doing interval training for 50 minutes.


By 6:30am I was home, rollerblading up and down the street.


Oh how I adore exercise!

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